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Appliques offer a great way to make a big impact on your custom garment order without spending a fortune. Using the latest in industry technology, ATECH can provide our customers with a nearly limitless number of looks at prices you can afford.

Perfect for Large Designs

Appliques work great for designs involving a large design and/or lettering. This solution provides a unique look while also offering a cost effective solution for large impressions. While ATECH is capable of handling large embroidery imprints, appliques can be used to provide a similar look at a reasonable price.

Add a Trendy Touch with Reverse Appliques

Use reverse appliques to achieve the same look seen in high end fashion while maintaining the desired branding. ATECH allows clients the customization needed for branded orders, with a wide variety of fabrics, colors and combinations.

Achieve Multiple Looks

Take one design, and give each piece its own unique look by simply switching the pattern for an applique. At ATECH, we provide clients with a unique look for each piece in the order.

Mixed Medium Print with Multiple Materials

Appliques are great options for blending various mediums into one design. The choices are limitless, with the ability to combine almost any two fabrics in the order. See our gallery of appliques sample designs.