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Laser Etching

Laser Etching offers a new way to brand your products! Whether your looking a subtle way to make your look standout on your company’s shirts, or looking to brand a one-of-a-kind gift, leaser etching offers a unique look that can be added to nearly any non-reflective surface.

Leading Edge Technology

ATECH is proud to be the industry leader in the area to offer laser etching services to our clients. This hi-tech solution etches the top layer of a product to create a precise imprint that blends perfectly on a wide variety of colors and surfaces. Speak with a specialist at ATECH today about how to best incorporate laser etching in an upcoming project.

No Minimums

Much like the other services ATECH provides, we pride ourselves on catering to clients of all sizes. Whether a client needs one item etched or 100, there are never any minimums. Contact ATECH today about options for using laser etching on your project.

A Subtle Way to Stand Out

One of the best features of laser etching is the tonal variation of the color in the imprint. This modest color change helps the design stand out with a subtle sophistication unlike any other decoration techinques. The finished product is so unique that it’s the perfect conversation piece for new clients.

A New Level of Durability

Laser etching isn’t layering ink on fabric, or adding thread; it’s heating and recoloring the fibers of the fabric itself. This produces an imprint which ages evenly with the rest of the garment and never alters.

More Than Just Fabric

Laser etching is not limited to imprinting fabrics. Laser etching can be used to add client logos or messages to nearly any non-reflective surface. This versatility makes laser etching a perfect solution for branding unique gifts for corporate or personal occasions. Contact one of our highly trained staff for more information on incorporating laser etching.